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   Nicolas Mariscal Torroella has a Civil Engineering degree from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master of Science degree in Construction Management from Stanford University. He founded his own company, Comar, which later on merged with Marhnos.


    Nicolas is Chairman of Marhnos. He is also board member of Afianzadora Aserta (Insurance Company) and Chief Executives Organization. He is member of the World Economic Forum, the Group of 50, the Latin America Corporate Council (Consejo Empresarial de América Latina – CEAL) and the French-Mexican Strategic Counsel, where he promotes the Initiative of Campeche - Sustainable City.


  He is Board member of The Inter-American Dialogue, Junior Achievement Mexico, Inter American Foundation and the Nature Conservancy – Mexico and North of Central America and the Institute of Strategic Thinking Ágora (IPEA, Instituto de Pensamiento Estratégico Ágora). Nicolas is Vice President at the Mexican Chamber for the Construction Industry where he leads Corporate Social Responsibility and Natural Disaster Initiatives. He is member of Unión Social de Empresarios Mexicanos and Javier Barros Sierra foundation. He works on two initiatives of World Economic Forum: Partnership Against Corruption and Disaster Resource Partnership. He is member of Unidos por Ellos and The National Support Center for Epidemiological Eventualities (Centro Nacional de Apoyo para Contingencias Epidemiológicas y Desastres - CENACED). He is part of Sertull Foundation where he participates in the Productive Projects Committee.

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